Friday, July 15, 2011

Raison d'être

The problem with adults is that we're all grown up and they take life seriously. It's really quite disappointing, this 'serious' stuff. So many of us value mature activities; like making money or entertaining ourselves by spending it. But what about all the adults that loved to make art as kids? Where did the art go? 

When discussing serious adult themes, like life paths and professions, my dad likes to add one sentence, "Well, I always thought you'd make a good artist." Even though I've never seriously considered the option, my dad's words remind me of the little girl who loved showing her latest masterpiece to her daddy. 

So, I'm not Picasso. I'm not an aspiring artist trying to make it big. I am, however, an adult aspiring to be a child. All the artwork, photographs and other medium are mine, unless otherwise credited. And yes, some may come with stories. This is a conté crayon flower based on a photo I took. 

conté crayons on paper

close-up of flower
Old Salem, North Carolina, July 4th, 2011